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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

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My husband & I started using U First in July of 2009. My parents had been using it for about a year and kept raving about how wonderful it was, so we figured we would give it a try. Within the first month I had paid an extra $2000 to my mortgage! It would have taken me 2 years of adding a little extra to my regular monthly mortgage payments to do that before U First! I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. I kept waiting to find the “down side” to using this plan, but I still haven’t! I was so thrilled about paying off my mortgage quicker that I didn’t even realize I was getting other benefits. I am now spending less time on my monthly finances than before U First and with our line of credit I never worry about our monthly checking balance. I know the money is always there! It is so great to watch our mortgage go from a 30 year loan to a 9 year loan and save myself time each month in the process. I wish I had known about this program much sooner!

Kathy Fridley
Troutville, VA
September, 2009